Monday, March 10, 2014

The sound of the rain was beating on the conical spires like thousands of bullets while the wind howled as the swirling storm inside. Voicelessly, Cleo cried while screaming aloud in zero gravity. No one was even hearkening.

The moment when Cleo was an isolated queen, her faith was shaking. All the things she had done seemed to rack up a pathetic goose egg. She just wanted to talk to a special someone, just him, the special one not others! *the act of lamenting*

However the phrase was carried in the opposite direction by the wind and landed 333 miles away in the ears of so many random strangers. She whispered, “Any other man, I’m sure I’d be okay, I’d smile when you’re around and like this! L-l-l-like this…because you’re the force in my life”.

*Crystal clear of diamonds dropped like all get out.  She talked a blue streak, “what's the point when all I ever want is you?”*